Investments in tourism construction projects in the DR exceed US$10 billion

Investments in tourism construction in the Dominican Republic amount to 10,799 million dollars and real estate leads the list of these projects.

The information was provided by the Vice Minister of Tourism, Jacqueline Mora, who was in charge of a master conference on the growth of real estate tourism in the country during the second Expo Forum CENI, which took place in Santiago.

In total, so far there are 187 investment projects approved by the Tourism Development Council (Confotur), according to the official.

The first line that dominates these investments is real estate with 4,527 million dollars, followed in second place by hotels with 4,444 million dollars and in third place, infrastructure, with 756 million dollars. There are other investment projects that were not specified for an amount of 1,072 million dollars.

Foreign investment

The Vice Minister of Tourism stated that the accumulated foreign direct investment in the tourism and real estate sectors was 37 percent of the total accumulated foreign investment in 2022, equivalent to 13,144 million dollars.

Likewise, when analyzing these and other indicators, he emphasized that it is necessary to continue betting on the tourism and construction sectors, which, together with other priority sectors of the economy, he assures, will continue to develop and represent the future of the country.

“Construction has been one of the great protagonists in recent years, there is no tourism without infrastructure and the Heart City has been a pioneer in real estate tourism,” she said.

Jacqueline Mora took advantage of the masterful event to highlight the work that has been carried out during the three years of management of the current government, under the guidelines of the Minister of Tourism, David Collado.

During the second CENI Expo Forum, organized by El Inmobiliario and Ganar-Ganar, leaders and experts of the construction, real estate and tourism sectors participated and highlighted the great potential of these booming sectors of the economy in the Northern Zone.

At the event, called “Zona Norte Late Corazón Dominicano”, the third edition of El Inmobiliario, which already has 7,000 copies, was launched.


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