Piñero invests $16 million in its DR and Mexico complexes

The developer Bahia Principe Residences is promoting new facilities at resorts in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, such as schools, coworking facilities, and sports and leisure areas. The objective is to facilitate permanent residence for owners.

Grupo Piñero Grupo Piñero is investing in its assets in the Dominican Republic and New Mexico. The company will invest 16 million euros to move its real estate division, Bahia Principe Residences, from a second home model to a first home model. To this end, it will provide new services to its two large residential complexes located in Playa Nueva Romana (Dominican Republic) and Tulum (Mexico).

Following the pandemic, Grupo Piñero has seen an increase in the number of homeowners who have moved their permanent residences to both Bahia Principe Residences Playa Nueva Romana and Bahia Principe Residences Tulum Country Club. Both residences total almost 3,000 homes built on more than 1,200 hectares and have more than 5,000 residents.

In view of this increase, which will continue to grow due to the projected construction of around 1,500 homes, the Group has decided to provide its communities with a range of services aimed at primary residences. Schools, coworking centers, supermarkets and sports facilities will be the new infrastructures to be developed by the developer, in addition to other spaces that foster the creation of a community among residents.

The two complexes have built a total of 3,000 homes, although a further 1,500 units are planned.

Among the most outstanding new developments for Tulum Country Club is the construction of the German International School of the Riviera Maya, in Tulum, located within the residential complex, which will open its doors for the next school year for kindergarten and elementary school students.

Grupo Piñero’s real estate division has also invested in the construction of a coworking center integrated into the natural capital of the Mexican jungle and in the completion of the first phase of the Tulum Country Club’s sports facilities and its Market Square, which will be available to all residents starting in August.

In the Playa Nueva Romana residential real estate development, meanwhile, work is underway on the Aire leisure and business center, which will be completed in December of this year and which will provide the center with various sports facilities, coworking spaces, event rooms, hairdressing salon, cafeteria, as well as a children’s area and several stores.

Source: Ejeprime.com

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