New non-renewable energy projects

UGT Renewables and authorities discuss new non-renewable energy projects

Representatives of the energy company UGT Renewables met in the country and with authorities of the energy sector of the government to learn about and consider new non-renewable energy projects in view of the energy crisis that the Dominican Republic is going through.

The foreign businessmen came to the country at the invitation of the Consul General of the Dominican Republic in Chicago, United States, Elías Brache.

The company operates clean non-renewable energy projects in South American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

With respect to the non-renewable energy technology developed by the foreign company, Brache said that the businessmen held a meeting with government officials with the objective of making known the advantages that the implementation of these projects in the country would represent for the Dominican government.

“In these visits, the executives of UGT renewables, Giran Rasjic and Edgar Romero explained that their company is the second largest company in the world outside the United States, in initiatives and projects in the field of non-conventional energy”, said the diplomat.

He explained that the foreign energy company has non-renewable energy projects in various parts of the world, where there have been problems of electricity deficit, as in the case of the Dominican Republic.

The diplomat also indicated that the advantages of the use of this technology and the favorable conditions offered in terms of financing for the country.

Among the government officials who met with the executives of the foreign company were the Minister of Energy and Mines Antonio Almonte, the president of the National Energy Commission Edward Veras and the administrator of the Energy Transmission Company Martin Robles.

The director of Public-Private Alliances Sigmund Freund, the Superintendent of Electricity Andres Astacio, accompanied by the Dominican Consul General in Chicago, United States, Elias Brache, also participated in the meeting.

The Dominican Consul in Chicago, United States, Elías Brache, highlighted that from his position he will continue to support and seek new kinds of investments for the country, in order to contribute to the development of the nation always with the objective of preserving the great asset of the environment.


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