Conep highlights Cibao’s contribution to the Dominican economy

Celso Juan Marranzini spoke on the subject in Santiago during a luncheon to celebrate the anniversary of Capex, where the Dominican growth of the northern region was analyzed.

Although the National District, in Santo Domingo, concentrates a large part of the Dominican Republic’s economic activities, other regions and provinces of the country are a pillar for national development. This was evidenced at a luncheon held by the Center for Innovation and Professional Training (Capex) in Santiago.

During the event, which was attended by businessmen and representatives of companies from different sectors, the president of the board of directors of Capex, Miguel Lama, highlighted the dynamism of the region.

“In the North, business dynamism and job creation is boiling with a proportion of 19.9% of companies and 14.2% of the universe of formal employees,” he said.

In this sense, the president of the National Council of Private Enterprise (Conep), Celso Juan Marranzini, highlighted the contribution of the 14 provinces, “with Santiago at the head”, which make up the region, stating that it has been fundamental for the economic development of the Dominican Republic. He explained that one third of the gross domestic product (GDP) is generated in the region and, in recent years, it has contributed 41% of its growth.


According to Lama, the Capex business luncheon has the mission that through the Conep, and its business experience, “we update ourselves on the strategies of influence of this organization, in order to forge prosperity and well-being in the present and the national future,” he said, while seeking to know its vision and how the companies of the northern region fit in. “That is the key to advancing together in the nation’s strategy,” he added.

For her part, the executive director of Capex, Cayra Bencosme, pointed out that, as a Center for Innovation and Professional Training, and project manager, through events such as the one held between the two organizations, they seek to forge a more prosperous, just and sustainable region that is guided by the right parameters and where the country’s different productive sectors can converge in a responsible manner.

Likewise, Marranzini took the opportunity to emphasize that, unlike other countries in the region, the composition of the Dominican economy is diversified with increasing levels of linkages between sectors. “The importance of private initiative in our national development is evident,” he said.

In the Dominican Republic, according to the executive, companies contribute 85% of the GDP, make 89% of the investments, 100% of the exports, generate 85% of the jobs, “and it goes without saying that they pay 100% of the taxes”, he assured.

In fact, he said that in most sectors of the local economy this contribution is evident. In the case of the area, he cited figures from the Central Bank, which show that, of the total national activity, “in the Cibao region there is more than 50% of agriculture, 40% of construction, 88% of mining, 50% of free zones, 38% of industries, and with the growth of cruise passengers, it already represents 34% of tourism”.

Lama also took the opportunity to point out aspects of the northern region. “To mention just a few areas, in the Free Zones and Agribusiness, the numbers speak for themselves, on our coasts tourism is growing every day, the impact of remittances, road and air connectivity, mark a new milestone in regional growth,” he said.

To conclude the event, he emphasized the importance of the collaboration between the two institutions. “For us it is very relevant the visit of Conep, to promote the necessary synergies and adequately position the interests of the business community in our region according to the national business strategy that must be coordinated with the Business and Development Institutions of our region,” added Lama.


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