Abinader inaugurates remodeling of soccer campus

President Luis Abinader inaugurated the remodeling of the Leonel Plácido soccer campus, where the Administrative Minister of the Presidency (Interim), Igor Rodríguez, highlighted that, in these three and a half years, the government is investing, only in sports, more than DR 450 million in this province, something unprecedented in a government administration.

Chris Duarte Request

The minister mentioned among these works, the roofing of the Fabio Rafael González basketball court, totally remodeled and of the Club Deportivo Fantástico, in response to the request of the Puerto Plata NBA player Chris Duarte; the Enrique Aquiles Polanco baseball stadium, in Luperón and a modern bus for the Club de Fútbol 6 de Febrero, in the municipality of Montellano.

Campo de Futbol AbinaderThe Leonel Plácido soccer campus was built with an investment of DR 25 million pesos, which has been executed in compliance with the quality standards required to play matches in international events. It has the first public court with synthetic turf.

Rodríguez announced that, by order of President Abinader, the construction of 5 modern basketball roofs will begin: the Gregorio Luperón Club, the Hugo Kunardt Club, the 12 de Octubre Club, the Miramar League and the Gustavo Behall Club, the oldest club in the RD. He also acknowledged the work done in these three and a half years by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, in favor of the province.

“Puerto Plata came from a great silence, from a great neglect that for decades led us, the people of Puerto Plata, to hit rock bottom, I have come frequently in these three and a half years and I have seen how our province, how our people have awakened, how our people have risen, there has been color in their lives, there has been an advance and there has been a dynamic in every sense of the word and in all the economic dynamics of this province, we owe it to you, Mr. President,” Rodriguez emphasized.

Sports with the president has been in good hands

On his side, the president of the Dominican Soccer Federation, Rubén García, highlighted the growth that this sport has had in recent years and said that thanks to President Abinader they will have, in the months of October and November, a women’s U-17 World Cup. “The president always showed something characteristic, his love for the sport; the sport with the president has been in good hands.”

The bishop of the Diocese of Puerto Plata, Monsignor Julio César Cornielle Amaro, was in charge of the blessing.

He supervises the baseball stadium José Briceño

Finishing his agenda in Puerto Plata, President Abinader made a supervisory tour of the José Briceño Baseball Stadium and then held a meeting with members of the Dominican Baseball League (Lidom) and representatives of the winter ball teams, in the Grand Stand Hall.

The activities were attended by the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza; the governor of Puerto Plata, Claritza Rochette; the senator, Ginette Bournigal; the mayor, Roquelito García; the president of the Dominican Basketball Federation, Rafael Uribe; the deputies, Emil Durán and Johnny Medina.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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