Caasd restores water service in sectors affected by rains

The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (Caasd) informed that all the systems that supply the National District and the province are operating at full capacity, after some of them were affected by the floods generated by tropical depression No. 22 that hit the country during last weekend.

In this respect, the entity explained that the intake works were flooded by the rains, but assured that the drinking water service has already been reestablished in the affected sectors.

The general director of the institution, Felipe Suberví “Fellito”, explained that the Valdesia, Haina, Isa Mana, Duey, La Isabela, Barrera de Salinidad systems and the well fields of La Joya, Los Marenos, as well as the sectoral wells of Sabana Perdida, San Felipe and Mata Mamón I and II, continue to function normally, after the work carried out by the Caasd brigades.

Likewise, the head of Caasd explained that the systems were taken out of service due to the flooding of the rivers, which entered the water intake works due to the heavy rains, in addition to the electrical situations in their pumping systems.

However, Suberví specified that the well fields in the North were out to avoid damage to the infrastructures. “After being evaluated by the electromechanical area, the wells were gradually put into operation, thus assuring the drinking water service to the affected sectors”, he said.

The engineer detailed that within the sectors with the service fully restored, the following stand out: Atala, El Portal, Ensanche La Paz, La Julia, Parte Alta Zona Colonial, El Millón, Parte Alta Zona Universitaria, Honduras, Parte Alta Mirador Norte, Jardines del Sur, 30 de Mayo, Renacimiento, Pradera Verde, Herrera, El Café, Ensanche Altagracia, Residencial Santo Domingo and El Palmar.

In addition, Los Girasoles II and III, Fundación, Urbanización Palma Real, José Contreras neighborhood, Villa María, La Puya de Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Hondo II, Las Lomas de Cristo Rey, El Caliche de Cristo Rey, Arroyo Hondo Viejo and Lomas de Arroyo Hondo.

Also, Alcarrizos Viejos, Las Mercedes, Chucho, Las Glorias, Los Cerros de Palmarejo, Palmarejito, Don Gregorio, Arenoso, Ciudad Codiana, Sávica, San Rafael, Los Garela, Flor de Loto, Barrio Progreso, Marien, Ciudad Satélite, La Guayiga, Pedro Brand, Urbanización Eduardo Brito, Barrio Arenoso, Barrio La Yuca, Cerros del Norte.

The director of the Corporation informed that the brigades of Operations, Executive Unit and Social Affairs, worked uninterruptedly before the passing of the storm, cleaning all the gullies in execution, to avoid major situations and remained during the passing of the “tropical disturbance” in the vulnerable areas, offering assistance.


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