Cap Cana: Sports tourism strengthens “the country’s brand

The executive president of Cap Cana, Jorge Subero Medina, emphasized that the Ironman 70.3 triathlon event boosts sports tourism and at the same time strengthens the country’s brand due to the large number of people who visit the RD, leaving great economic benefits.

Turismo Deportivo RD“The country brand continues to be strengthened with sports tourism,” he said, highlighting the importance of the sporting event, which is coming to the country for the first time.

He said that the group will continue to integrate sports tourism, as it represents a positive impact just the weekend of the event some five thousand people have come to Cap Cana to participate in the sporting event.

“The economic impact is multiplying, each family, each athlete who comes to stay a week in the RD goes out to visit restaurants, look for theme parks, consume in hotels, come to enjoy the whole experience that we have been developing within the destination city but also outside the destination city of Cap Cana,” he said.

Likewise, the tourism businessman said that the best effort has been made for visitors to enjoy the coasts, nature, our Marina and the beauty that Cap Cana offers, according to RCN.


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