Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026

The XXVI edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo 2026 will bring together 6,500 athletes, who will compete for supremacy in some 35 sports, and will compete in facilities already built that are in excellent condition, while others will undergo a complete remodeling.

The president of the organizing committee of the games, the Dominican José Monegro, stated this in the Chilean capital, before the Ordinary General Assembly of Centro Caribe Sports, where he gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation on different facets of this event, which will be held for the third time in the Dominican Republic.

The executive highlighted the conditions of the sports facilities, the vast hospitality industry of the Dominican capital, as well as the system that the organizing committee will put into practice for the transportation of all athletes.

“We are working so that the Central American and Caribbean Games Santo Domingo will be celebrated with the expected success,” said Monegro, after the delegates were presented with a video in which a large part of the Dominican Republic’s success in sports, as well as its beautiful beaches, cultural monuments, gastronomy and other attributes, which keep it as the leading nation in the visit of tourists to the Caribbean region, were shown.

Monegro also highlighted the strong support of President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, in the direction of guaranteeing the success of Santo Domingo 2026 in all aspects.

He assured that his country has “all the attributes for the staging of these Central American and Caribbean Games. In addition to the basic aspects, we have ample gastronomy, security, tourist sites, historical and cultural monuments,” said Monegro during his speech, which included member countries of Panam Sports.

Monegro made a broad outline of the growth that Dominican sport has achieved, after the celebration of the three major events held in the country, such as the XII Central American and Caribbean Games in Santo Domingo, in 1974; the XVI version of that competition, in Santiago in 1986, and the 2003 Pan American Games, in Santo Domingo.

He said that the first of these Games marked the “great take-off” of Dominican sport, while with the second, a “broad growth” was achieved in all the structures, while he highlighted that, with the Pan American Games, in addition to the sporting development shown by the country, a broad infrastructure was also left as a legacy, most of whose facilities will be used for the Santo Domingo 2026 Games.

The assembly was attended by the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho; Felipe Vicini and José Manuel Ramos, first and third vice-presidents of the Santo Domingo 2026 organizing committee, respectively, as well as Garibaldy Bautista and Luis Chanlatte, president and secretary general of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), respectively. Dominican Luis Mejía Oviedo, president of Centro Caribe Sports, led the meeting.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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