Promese/Cal carries out a day of deacharrization in Santo Domingo North

The Essential Medicines Program and Central Logistical Support (Promese/Cal) carried out, over the weekend, a day of desacharrization in Health Area III, in Santo Domingo Norte.

Promese/Cal, as an entity of the health sector and part of the Dengue Action Cabinet, mobilized its personnel to the Los Guaricanos sector for the day, which seeks to mitigate the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the disease.

During the tour, its director, Adolfo Pérez, highlighted the commitment that the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, has with the Dominican population in the face of the epidemic and instructed to take all necessary actions to reduce the cases of dengue in the country.

“The fight against dengue is a commitment in favor of the people. We do it out of responsibility and out of love for our country.”

In addition to Promese/Cal, other state institutions participated, such as Supérate, which was in charge of fumigation, and Public Health, which placed informative posters for citizen prevention.

He was also accompanied by the deputy directors of Promese/Cal, Carlos Padilla and Gilberto Santana; the governor of the province of Santo Domingo, Julia Drullard; the deputy Betty Gerónimo and collaborators of the institution.


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