Dominican Republic defeats Mexico 3-0

In the third match of the first day of the Norceca Pan Am Final Six Cup, the Dominican Republic defeated Mexico in three sets, 25-14, 25-18 and 25-11.

Despite a three-point rally by the Mexicans, the Queens of the Caribbean recovered to easily win the first set that lasted 24 minutes, the second in 25 minutes and the third in 23 minutes.

The Quintana Roo team opened with Vielka Peralta for the first time in the starting six, Niverka Marte, Candida Arias, Larysmer Martinez, Madeline Guillen, Geraldine Gonzalez and Bethania De La Cruz.

Already in the third set, the Dominicans dominated the first technical timeout 8-2 and set the pace towards perfection. In the second technical break, the demonstration of superiority continued with the scoreboard 16-7.

The best scorers for the Caribbean Queens of Dominican Republic were: Geraldine Gonzalez with 16 points, 8 of them in blocks; Madeline Guillen 14; Vielka Peralta 11.

While for Mexico: Karen Rivera 12 points and Grecia Castro 11.

On Monday, the matches will begin at 3:00 pm with a clash between Mexico and Canada, while at 5:00 pm the United States will face Puerto Rico and day 2 will end with the hosts taking on Cuba.

Honor to those who deserve it

The Norceca Panam Cup “Final Six” is being held at the Ricardo -Gioriver- Arias Volleyball Palace at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center and is dedicated to the Dominican Republic women’s volleyball team that won gold in the 2003 Pan Am Games against Cuba.

The act of recognition was presented by Cristóbal Marte and enjoyed by all the fans, who upon hearing the mention of each player cheered with euphoria as they made their way to the formation of honor, many could not stand it and did it with their feet.

The first team of the first Queens of the Caribbean was composed of: Milagros Cabral, Cosiris Rodríguez, Francia Jackson (represented by her sister), Nurys Arias, Sofía Heredia, Kenia Moreta (absent), Priscila Rivera, Annerys Valdez (absent), Rosa Cassó, Rosalín Ángeles, Evelyn Carreras and Yudelkis Bautista.

The girls simultaneously made the serve of honor and the current queens of the Caribbean received each of the balls hit over the net, no one missed, such precise service directed to the opponent.

It was on August 17, 2003 when the Dominican women’s volleyball team won the gold medal at the Pan American Games Santo Domingo 2003 in five hard-fought sets. The Dominicans defeated the heavily favored Cuban team.



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