Tourism and Education sign agreement to bring tourism to schools

They emphasize on creating awareness of the importance of tourism for the country and its impact on the economy.

Santo Domingo-Tourism Minister David Collado and Education Minister Angel Hernandez signed an inter-institutional agreement to bring tourism to schools and strengthen the subject in high schools and polytechnics where it is taught.

The purpose of the agreement is to join efforts for the promotion, learning and creation of a civic culture in support of tourism among students of the different levels and modalities of the pre-university educational system at the national level, especially in the main tourist destinations of the country.

To broaden the scope of the alliance, both institutions signed additional protocols establishing a work plan, an annual budget and the human resources involved, among other points.

Minister Collado highlighted the transcendence of this agreement, as it is a guarantee of turning the Dominican Republic into a powerful tourism power in the Caribbean.

“We have realized that if we want to be a tourism power, as in fact we already are in the Caribbean, we must instill in our children and adolescents the theme of the importance of tourism in the Dominican Republic,” said Collado.

He understands that the theme of tourism must be strengthened in the schools, high schools and polytechnics that the Ministry of Education has throughout the country.

The Minister of Education said that he views the signing of the agreement with great pleasure, taking into consideration what the tourism sector generates and its impact on the economy.

“Tourism is not only the activity where people just come to have fun and see the beach, it is also a cultural, historical activity, it is a contribution to development, said Minister Hernandez.


Through the agreement, the MINERD commits to carry out the necessary procedures to integrate Tourism as an optional subject in high school:

  • to promote and incorporate in the Dominican pre-university education system the teaching of the skills required to develop enterprises, formulate proposals and provide services in the tourism sector
  • to offer and facilitate training activities in this area and implement training programs and continuous updating of teachers in this area.

Likewise, the MITUR commits to provide the MINERD with the assistance of specialists in this sector and the required information, as well as the implementation of the agreed work plan and the design and updating of the training; collaborate with the educational institution in the updating of the curricula of the Technical Professional modality.

Also, conduct a survey to detect the training needs of the tourism sector that will serve as inputs for the design of training and its inclusion in the educational system.

As well collaborate and serve as a channel to manage with the private sector the technical or economic contributions that are required for the development of the project in the productive sectors and subsectors of tourism. Then facilitate internships for students graduating from the educational offer of the Technical Professional modality in its dependencies and collaborating institutions of the MITUR.


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