Karate combat announces first event in the DR

The Dominican Republic will host for the first time an event of the Full-Contact Professional Combat Karate League (Karate Combat), better known as KC41.

The event will bring together the best exponents from different continents and will be held on Saturday, September 16 at the world-famous Altos de Chavón amphitheater in Casa de Campo, La Romana.

The details were provided by the president of Karate Combat, Adam Kovacs and the national commissioner of mixed martial arts of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec), Fernando Dahuajre.

During a meeting with the press today in the auditorium of the Dominican Sports Hall of Fame at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, Kovacs said that four great Dominican fighters will participate in the event.

The representative of the Ministry of Sports and of Francisco Camacho, explained that Miderec continues to fulfill its role of regulating mixed martial arts at the national level.

Fernando Dauhajre thanked Karate Combat and its president Adam Kovacs, for bringing a world famous event to the Dominican Republic.

The Dominicans

Three of the athletes from Quisqueyano, Ana Villanueva, Deivis Ferreras and Jorge Pérez, were present at the activity, as well as Rodolfo Dauhajre, promoter of mixed martial arts and collaborator of the event that will take place in Altos de Chavón.

Kovacs indicated that a fourth Dominican participant will be Dionisio Gustavo, two-time karate champion at the Pan American Games and star karate combat fighter since the birth of this organization in 2018.

“As expected, the world’s premier karate-based league will be heading to Altos de Chavón in La Romana for its first KC41 event to be held in this country,” Adam said.

He said the event is coming to the country because the Dominican Republic is a significant source of per capita talent for karate, a sport he defined as the global phenomenon that sets standards in world sports entertainment.

“However, this is likely to be a unique event because Karate Combat is looking to make the Dominican Republic a semi-permanent base of operations to host other international and U.S. events. Altos de Chavon will be the main venue for Karate Combat competitions in the Dominican Republic”.

Kovacs stated that tickets for this outdoor event will be available to the general public “with limited ticket availability to experience the world’s most exclusive fighting league in such a unique setting, so fans are encouraged to reserve tickets early to avoid missing out on this great event.”

“We are excited to bring our global brand to the beautiful country that is the Dominican Republic. The nation has been a great source of talent for us, and we are excited to give these fighters the opportunity to compete for their local audience. This will be a truly historic event as it will be the first fight to be showcased in an extraordinary venue like Altos de Chavón,” said the president of Karate Combat.

In addition to the Dominicans, headliners on the card include Myzra-Bek Tebuev of Russia, former KC lightweight and #1 bantamweight challenger, who will challenge current bantamweight world champion Eoghan Chelmiah of Ireland for the Karate Combat bantamweight world championship. It will be the featured bout.

“These are two of the best fighters in the division who have beaten everyone in this category. The winner of this fight will be the best bantamweight karateka in the world,” said Adam Kovacs.

The card will also feature Elvin Aghayev of Azerbaijan taking on former UFC fighter Antonio Arroyo of Brazil.

They promise to give their best

The trio of Dominicans promised to give their best in the martial arts competition, while calling on the local fans to support them with their presence on the day of the competition.

“We are ready to give our best. In my case, as always, I hope to give a unique show and represent my country in style”, declared Ferreras, the former Dominican medalist in the Central American and Pan American Games, in the discipline of karate.

While Villanueva, the best Dominican female karate player in international events, said that she is anxiously awaiting the day of the competition, to give a good fight and put her country in the orbit.

“We have the commitment to put the flag and the Dominican karate on top and for that we will need the support of our compatriots,” said Jorge Perez.

Source: Robertocavada.com

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