Hazim says DR has the best healthcare system in Latin America

The executive director of the National Health Insurance (Senasa), Santiago Hazim, affirmed that the Dominican Republic has the best healthcare system in all of Latin America, and even part of North America.

This affirmation is based on the fact that the country has universalized the health system, covering up to two million pesos for various diseases, treatments and essential medical procedures.

In an interview on the program Despierta con CDN, Hazim backed up his argument by emphasizing the exceptional coverage offered by the Dominican healthcare system. He noted that covered services include high-cost diseases such as cancer, organ transplants, chemotherapy, high-risk surgeries and neurosurgery.

Comprehensive coverage

The official also emphasized that this comprehensive coverage has given patients the peace of mind of knowing that they are protected against a variety of medical conditions, including dialysis and any pathology. He emphasized that this level of coverage is not even found in the United States.

The physician underscored the differences with the U.S. healthcare system, noting that in the United States, patients can face significant challenges in terms of costs and waiting times to receive medical care. In contrast, in the Dominican Republic, he said the healthcare system ensures more accessible and timely care.

“In the United States they give you a million and a half ifs and buts and they refer you (the patient) back for up to seven months without being seen,” Hazim said.

Acknowledges challenges

Despite this commendable situation, Dr. Hazim acknowledged that there are still shortcomings in the Dominican healthcare system, particularly with regard to certain advanced medical technologies. He specifically mentioned the need to improve imaging capabilities, such as X-ray equipment, 3D tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

The physician attributed these deficiencies to a problem rooted in custom and cultural proximity to the United States. He indicated that Dominicans, like many Latin Americans, are accustomed to seeing the latest medical technologies and the constant medical advances that exist at the international level.

“Dominicans, like many Latin Americans, are accustomed because of their proximity to the United States to know the latest technologies and the things that are being done in the world, even if the person is of low economic resources and low level of intellectuality. We maintain this umbilical cord constantly with the United States and we see what is being done there”, commented Hazim.

It is necessary to agree on an increase in coverage

For example, Senasa cannot say that it will cover laparoscopic surgery, because for that an actuarial study needs to be carried out by the Sisalril (Superintendencia de Salud y Riesgos Laborales), to determine how many laparoscopic surgeries are performed in the country, what their cost is in the different centers and calculate an average to know what amount will be assigned to each ARS,” Hazim said by way of example. The official emphasized the importance of maintaining the stability of social security and the healthcare system in the country.

Source: Elcaribe.com.do

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