LIDOM and National Police agree to reinforce security inside and outside stadiums

The Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic (LIDOM) and the General Directorate of the National Police agreed to make joint efforts to continue strengthening security in the different stadiums so that young people interested in becoming part of the transformation of the police force can begin their respective processes.

In this way, the LIDOM and the teams Águilas Cibaeñas, Toros del Este, Gigantes del Cibao, Leones del Escogido, Estrellas Orientales and Tigres del Licey, formalized a strategic alliance, which includes various dynamics within the outreach work carried out by the National Police.

The agreement, signed this Wednesday between Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, general director of the police and Vitelio Mejía Ortiz, president of LIDOM, will take effect immediately during the 2023-2024 championship, which begins this Thursday, October 19, dedicated to sports commentator Onfalia Morrillo.

Recruitment of new agents

The agreement between the LIDOM and the National Police will allow each of the stadiums to set up a stand of the law enforcement institution, so that police personnel can offer the necessary details to young aspirants about the advantages of being police officers at the present time.

Increased security

After signing the agreement, Mejía Ortiz and Major General Alberto Then reaffirmed their commitment to work together to guarantee the security of the fans attending baseball games.

“For LIDOM and for me personally, it is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to an institution of such importance and responsibility as the National Police,” said the head of LIDOM.

On his side, Major General Alberto Then said that the institution will allocate the necessary personnel and logistics so that the Dominican family can enjoy its main pastime, baseball. He indicated that the implementation of the patrolling by quadrants, existing in the provinces with teams, will allow to provide greater levels of prevention to the people who attend the games.

He thanked the LIDOM and each of the teams, for allowing the use of a space in their stadiums to provide orientation to young men and women on the progress of the institutional transformation.

“From each of the stadiums we will be orienting young people interested in joining the institution and explaining all the advantages, including a salary of over 28,000 pesos, medical insurance, food, scholarships, among others,” he said.


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