Loma del Chivo Sector receives with enthusiasm the program “Inefi with the Neighborhood”

The National Institute of Physical Education continued this weekend its community program “Inefi with the Neighborhood”. This time the main stage was the 21 de Enero street, in the Loma del Chivo sector, where children and adolescents participated with enthusiasm in 3×3 basketball, vitilla, volleyball, badminton and chess games, in addition to being benefited with a dental service provided by this decentralized institution.

In this sense, the executive director of Inefi, Alberto Rodríguez Mella, said that the objective of this program is that “in their leisure time, all the young people of the country practice sports”.

Before starting the activities, Rodriguez Mella revealed that, following the recommendations of President Luis Abinader Corona, the institution he heads plans to diversify sports not only in schools, but also in all sectors of the country.

With respect to the dental service, Rodriguez Mella valued the willingness of the Ministry of Health to collaborate with the team of dentists and was satisfied with the great reception of the community in this operation.

“We announced that the first “Inefi with the Neighborhood” was going to be here and we complied; they received us with affection because we give affection, because if you give affection, that’s what they give you”, exposed the director of Inefi.

“This program is a tradition, we have already carried out more than 25 ‘Inefi con el Barrio’, because the youth of the neighborhoods need to share, do sports, and that is what we do, bring sports, healthy fun, dentistry program; that is what we do, that is what we like, go out to the streets, not to be in the office”.

During the activity, the player Gina Mambrú, of the Caribbean Queens, was present, as well as members of the neighborhood council of this locality and several high performance athletes who are part of this institution.

Mambrú, who served the honor serve in the volleyball tournament, expressed that “this type of activity is important, since one can see the talent of the athletes, in this case mine as a volleyball player; one can capture and see the talent of these girls and who knows. I started playing volleyball in the streets. I want to urge you not to give up, because you never know who might be watching you, catching your talent, so don’t give up”.

Also present at the event were Franklin Duval and Eddy González, deputy directors of Inefi; Adriano Merelgido, president of the Loma del Chivo Club; Yesenia Soto, president of the Loma del Chivo Neighborhood Council; Ivelise Brache, spokesperson for Vivir Tranquilo, and Andrea Ledesma, member of the Club; among others.

Yesenia Soto thanked Inefi for bringing joy and sports to the sector and to the young athletes. For that reason, “I want to ask them to continue adding, because our sector really needs it. It is a pride to share with the people of ‘Inefi con el Barrio'”.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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