Pedernales already employs 90% of the people trained by Infotep

The Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional (Infotep), has trained more than 70 thousand participants in the Enriquillo Region, since President Luis Abinader announced the Tourism Development Plan for Pedernales and the Enriquillo Region, in the year 2021, until 2023.

In Pedernales alone, 6,480 participants were certified, of which almost 90% are already employed, who graduated from 350 training actions identified as priorities within the framework of the Plan.

The information was released by Rafael Santos Badía, general director of Infotep, after the formal inauguration of the Port of Cabo Rojo last Thursday, January 4.

“Almost all the people trained by Infotep have been hired for temporary and permanent jobs in the port itself and in the construction of hotel rooms in the area,” he explained.

Among the most demanded areas are hotel management, administration, management and finance, food processing, health and wellness, commerce and services, personal and socio-cultural services, languages, electrical maintenance, refrigeration, masonry and upholstery.

He also said that, in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment, a training program was carried out to work on sustainable tourism, environment and ecology, tourist guide techniques and ecotourism interpretation, from which 144 participants have graduated as tourist guides and park rangers for Oviedo and Pedernales.

He said that at the community level, 934 participants have been trained, including more than 40 guides and yoleros, in basic and intermediate English, a significant percentage of whom are already earning income as employees and self-employed workers.

In addition, and together with the company ITM, responsible for the construction of the Cabo Rojo Port, an extensive training program is being developed to train the people who would be working in the port activities, in addition to the permanent personnel currently working with them.

The training programs are: Working at heights, Handling of fire extinguishers, Conflict resolution and management, Customer service, Occupational health and safety, Hazard identification and risk assessment, Cargo handling and manipulation, Safe handling of chemicals, Recycling techniques, Working in confined spaces, Safety for the prevention of occupational accidents, First aid, among others.

A training schedule is also being developed with the permanent personnel of ITM, Bocanye Restaurant, ASCH Consortium, La Cueva Restaurant and the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, which has already impacted 1,185 employees and 90 training actions are being developed.

In addition, a training plan is being developed at the community level, which impacts more than 1,429 graduates who are ready to be inserted in the labor market, such as Bar and Restaurant Captains, Grill Grill, Preparation, presentation and elaboration of drinks and cocktails, Information Technology, English, Bakery and Bartender.


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