2023: A historic year for Dominican tourism

Tourism Minister David Collado defined 2023 as a historic year in terms of the sustained growth of the national tourism industry, surpassing month after month the numbers of visitors arriving by air and sea to the DR.

“We had the best month of January, the best month of February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December is going to be better by more than 100 thousand foreigners difference,” he detailed.

With these data, he said, the sector’s bonanza is confirmed, which is valued by international tourism organizations.

He added that the Cibao and Punta Cana International airports are celebrating having reached record figures of 2 and 9 million passengers between arrivals and departures.

“Everyone is celebrating what is happening in our country,” he commented.

Achievement of 10 million

Collado issued these statements, minutes after the reception of the 10 millionth tourist visitor who entered Dominican territory.

He attributed the achievement of this goal to the consolidated unity of all the sectors of the national productive life, which “pushed this figure of 10 million”.

With the arrival of Ariana Guilak, who came from San Diego, California, to visit the country for the first time, to see the beauty of its beaches and its people.

“Our country is celebrating. May God bless the DR. Welcome to the paradise of the Caribbean!” the minister proclaimed.

Key to national development

On economic matters, Minister David Collado, also affirmed that the country’s economy this year rests on the shoulders of tourism, an industry that continues to thrive.

In fact, he assured that there are no signs that tourism is going to decline, since according to projections until April 2024 the sector will continue to grow and in double digits.

In this line, he said that these 10 million visitors are accompanied by US$10 billion in foreign exchange, DR$75 billion in taxes paid this year and DR$326 million in purchases and the generation of thousands of jobs.

Transformed public spaces and other 2023 successes

For the second consecutive year, the DR was recognized as the world’s leading destination in tourism recovery.

It also hosted the 118th meeting of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), held in May in Punta Cana.

With the “Tourism in Every Corner” campaign, designed to promote domestic tourism, public spaces were recovered and underwent a beautification process. These include public beaches and resorts, streets and parks in different provinces.

Hundreds of sales booths were equipped and dozens were trained in this direction. With the signing of several agreements, access to tourism education was made possible to promote quality service and the attraction and loyalty of local and foreign visitors.

With this commitment of the Ministry of Tourism, facilities were created to allow access to bank loans, training and financial advice for entrepreneurs, vendors and investors nationwide.

Beach and seawall recovery plan

With the implementation of the plan to bring beaches and seafronts throughout the country out of abandonment and slums, the Macao beaches were reconditioned in three stages, including the asphalting of the entire area.

Also the beaches of Miches, Guayacanes I and II, Los Patos, Los Quemaítos, in Barahona, Las Galeras, in Samaná; work is being done to rescue Sosúa and Palenque.

This project proposes the intervention of infrastructures, lighting, the reinforcement of security and thus changing the lives of street vendors, turning them into entrepreneurs.

As for the boardwalks, the boardwalk in the National District, Santo Domingo East, Cabrera and La Romana have been refurbished and delivered.

Meanwhile, with an investment of DR$400 million, work is being carried out on the recovery of the Samaná seawall. Similarly, work continues on the San Pedro de Macorís seawall. They began in Haina and have been instructed for the one in Pedernales.

This is how the project of recovering the country’s maritime coasts and reconquering the sea view in the DR is progressing.

Cabo Rojo, Pedernales: A New Destination

Soon, Pedernales will receive its first cruise ship, after the construction of Cabo Rojo Port in that province, the first stage of which is ready.

It will have the capacity to receive up to one million cruise passengers per year and this, in turn, will generate more than five thousand direct and indirect jobs, which will renew and boost the economy of this area.

The cruise terminal will have, among others, a passenger reception center, water park, four docking positions, commercial, recreational, interactive and beach areas, spa maintenance area, restaurants and boutique hotel.

This new and modern infrastructure represents an opening for the development of cruise tourism in the country and even in the Caribbean area.

Fuente: Mitur.com


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