CTDPP signs educational commitment for sustainable tourism development

The Ministry of Education – Regional Education 11 Puerto Plata and the Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster (CTDPP) signed an alliance to launch the project “Tourism Awareness in Educational Centers of Puerto Plata”, a strategic initiative that aims to promote the development of a sense of belonging and tourism identity among students in the region.

The signing ceremony was led by the regional director of Education, Leonidas Payams Cruz (Sarah) and Birgitt Heinsen, president of the Tourism Cluster.

Payamps Cruz expressed his deep joy for this historic moment, which he defined as being of unprecedented relevance and impact, both for the students and for the future of Puerto Plata.

Heinsen thanked the Ministry of Education for the receptiveness and collaboration received to achieve the alliance that will allow the implementation of educational actions that promote knowledge, appreciation and respect for local tourism resources in the young people of Puerto Plata, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of Puerto Plata as a tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Ambra Attus, director of the entity, emphasized that by instilling a correct tourism culture from an early age, young people will be adequately integrated for the sustainable development of the community, becoming citizens committed to the preservation and promotion of the tourism heritage of the region”.

In addition, Lonni Quezada, regional technician of Nature Sciences, said that “in the initial stage, the curricular development of the project will begin in 11 educational centers in the seven educational districts of the province, benefiting more than 3,020 students, who in turn will become multipliers, exponentially increasing the scope of awareness”.

Source: Arecoa

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