DR and Jamaica seek collaboration in the airport sector

The executive director of the Department of Airports, Víctor Pichardo, met with Daryl Vaz, Jamaica’s Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, in order to finalize the collaboration agreement on airport matters between the two countries.

The meeting was also attended by the DR ambassador to DR, Angie Martinez, and Edward Perez.

DR Jamaica1Pichardo said that the executives expressed interest in learning about the new implementations that have been carried out in the sector, as well as our concession model.

It is recalled that between the DA and the Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica, signed an agreement last year 2023 of collaboration for the implementation of the project “Country Effort”, which seeks to promote the Dominican territory in the said island country, as a safe and friendly place for non-commercial private aviation.

In addition, with the aim of continuing efforts to attract tourist, executive and business travelers who use general aviation to the country.

The embassy committed to the promotion of general aviation between the RD and Jamaica, in order to encourage foreign investment. In addition, it will set up an office of the Airport Department at its headquarters to serve as a facilitator of information to potential investors in aviation projects.

Source: Arecoa.com

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