Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024 in Barahona concludes with resounding success

With resounding success, the first edition of Expo Turismo y Atracciones 2024, concluded its first edition in the province of Barahona, a meeting that aims to consolidate itself as a reference for tourism fairs in the RD and the Caribbean region.

The event was attended by the ambassadors of Morocco, India and El Salvador. As well as national, local and international businessmen. Also present were officials, politicians, academics, students, media and entrepreneurs.

The diplomats present were; Hichame Dahane, from the Kingdom of Morocco, Ramu Abbagani, from India and Dania Elena Tolentino Membreño, from El Salvador.

Thousands of people participated in the first edition of Expo T&A, which was coordinated by Kelvin Faña and had the special transmission of VTV channel 32 and more than 100 digital media. It was also attended by more than 100 tour operators.
During the fair, personalities from all over the country gathered at the Costa Larimar Hotel to participate in more than 12 conferences, more than eight tastings and to acquire larimar handicrafts.

The visitors took advantage of the occasion to visit several destinations of Barahona’s attractions in various tours offered by the participating companies.


On Thursday, Hichame Dahane of the Kingdom of Morocco, was received along with Kelvin Faña and part of the organizers of Expo T&A by the Chamber of Commerce of Barahona, where they exchanged business ideas.

On Friday, in addition to the ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, his Excellency from India, Ramu Abbagani and Dania Elena Tolentino Membreño from El Salvador joined the meeting.

The diplomats met on Friday afternoon with the rector of UCATEBA, Reverend Father Marco Antonio Pérez, where they discussed educational cooperation. They also met with the general director of the UASD-Barahona Campus, Manuel de la Cruz Fernández, who took advantage of the opportunity to give them a tour of the university.

Afterwards, they were declared distinguished guests by the Mayor’s Office of the Barahona City Council. Also, the ambassadors were given a tour of several places of attractions with the company Sliana.

VTV Channel 32

The television station Medios Panorama, began broadcasting from Friday, March 1st until the inauguration of the Expo T&A at 7:00 pm, where important personalities from the business world, academics, politicians and participating companies were interviewed. Among them, Senator José del Castillo, the rector of UCATEBA, Reverend Father Marco Antonio Pérez, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Ramón Tavarez, the businessman Natanael Gutiérrez, among others.

The members of VTV channel 32 were headed by Luis Acosta, who together with Domingo Bautista, Obniel Ramirez, Alfredo de la Cruz, Miguel Tavarez, Roberto Monclus and other important communicators, kept informing about the development of the tourism fair.


The conferences at Expo T&A were initiated by the international chef, Martin Omar, where he covered important points on how to manage the gastronomic services of the hotels.

Also, the executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, gave a lecture on cruise tourism. In addition, academics, businessmen and diplomats had important conferences on tourism to attract visitors and investors to Barahona.

On Sunday, Ambassador and academic Luis González concluded the series of conferences, speaking on sustainable tourism.


The tastings at Expo T&A were in charge of the professional chefs invited by the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA) directed by Hecmilio Galván.

Also, during the meeting, Angel Novas presented local drinks for the enjoyment of those present. Another expected tasting was of cigars and wines for those present.

Participating companies

Expo T&A had 40 stands of local companies, governmental and entrepreneurial initiatives. Also, with the support of some 15 national and international brands.

Also, Expo T&A had artistic participations on Friday and Saturday.

Expo T&A was held for three days, Friday March 1, Saturday March 2 and Sunday March 3 at the Costa Larimar Hotel. The producer was Jeandi Bello and a team of professionals.

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