Flights arrive at the AILA full for Christmas

Starting next Friday, December 1, a considerable number of passengers, especially Dominicans residing abroad, will begin to arrive in the country, with the purpose of spending the upcoming Christmas holidays with their families and friends.

For this reason, the customs authorities will begin the application of ample facilities to the Creoles who have not been in the country for six months or more, who will be allowed to pass diverse articles, without the payment of the corresponding tariffs.

All flights from the United States, Europe and South America are arriving at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), “completely full” of passengers, Dominicans and foreigners who also have families in the country and come to spend Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve with them.

Between 110 and 118 flights are being registered daily through the Las Americas terminal (AILA), but according to airport authorities, as the days approach, operations will be increased to meet the demand for seats, according to El Hoy.

Most of the flights are coming from various places in the United States, a large percentage from New York, Miami, Orlando, New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Texas, among other destinations covered by Jetblue, American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, Spirit and Frontier, among others.

There is also a considerable movement of passengers arriving from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Martinique, Guatemala, Chile and Argentina, routes that are being operated by the Arajet line.

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