Invitation to participate in public hearing

The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic and the Municipal Council of Pedernales invite all interested persons and sectors to participate in the PUBLIC VIEW of the update of the Municipal Tourism Land Use Plan of Pedernales and its Regulations.

The appointment for this important activity will be held this Thursday, December 14 at 10:00 AM in the Assembly Hall of the Provincial Government of this head municipality.

This Municipal Tourism Land Use Plan of Pedernales is a Special Plan of Supramunicipal Impact, according to Law No. 368-22 of Land Use, Land Use and Human Settlements.

In addition, it is intended to be consistent with previously approved municipal instruments and with existing sectoral legislation, especially the current Resolution 005-2012 of the Ministry of Tourism that establishes the current Sectoral Plan for Tourism Land Management and the Normative Regulation of the Littoral Strip of the Pedernales-La Cueva River.

This planning is the result of the Inter-Institutional Agreement signed between both institutions on April 8, 2021 to promote collaboration in the areas of land management, planning and tourism.



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