Mitur bets on tourism development in Jarabacoa

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated the reconstruction of the Belarmino Ramírez road from Mata de Cadillo to Jumunuco, in Jarabacoa, at a cost of more than 80 million pesos, in his effort to continue strengthening the tourist destination.

The work is an important road axis that gives access to the community of Jumunuco, known as the Belarmino Ramirez road with a length of 3.34 kilometers with a width of 7 linear meters.

In addition, it includes the construction of 6,680 linear meters of gutters on its sides, to form longitudinal drainage.

Collado affirms

Collado said that this work has a great impact on the entire area and improves the living conditions of its inhabitants.

“For us there are no small or large works. For us, what is important is that the works have an impact on the community and change the living conditions of its people,” he said.

He affirmed that he will continue to take measures, together with the private sector, to strengthen the development and growth of tourism in Jarabacoa.

The work includes 261 square meters of sidewalks and 90 linear meters of curbs within the intervened communities, as well as the construction of a 210 square meter parking area to provide Jarabacoa 01service to the 911 emergency unit.

Also, the reconstruction of 4 existing manholes, two culverts of 36″ and 24″, the construction of 3 speed bumps, for the correct channeling of water, thus guaranteeing the durability of the constructed road.

The road was also cleaned, sidewalks, asphalt concrete was laid and road signs (horizontal and vertical) were installed.

The work was built under the coordination of the Comité Ejecutor de Infraestructuras de Zonas Turísticas (Ceiztur), for a total amount of DR$80,747,806.09.

The activity was attended by the main municipal and provincial authorities and businessmen linked to the tourism sector.


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