Office of Tourism and Cultural Exchange celebrates 20 years of existence

The Office of Tourism and Cultural Exchange (OFIT) celebrated 20 years of service and excellence with a celebration with its collaborators and allies. The founding president of the company, Modesto Reyes, thanked all the staff for their dedication, passion and commitment, which has made it possible to impact the lives of thousands of young students through the different labor and cultural exchange programs they develop.

“It is of great satisfaction for us what we have achieved in these 20 years, where we have transformed the cultural exchange in the DR, being our country an example of administration and management of these programs worldwide, he said.

He added that “our greatest pride is to be able to positively impact the lives of each young Dominican participant and with them their families and communities, and it is our commitment to continue providing learning opportunities and new experiences.

With its headquarters in the DR and offices in Colombia, since its founding OFIT has offered thousands of youth and adults the opportunity to meet and learn in a different way, including travel, dozens of cultures, different languages and new people to meet. It has a diverse platform of programs, including Work and Travel, Internship in Hospitality and Tourism, Trainee, Teach USA Program, Summer Camp Program, Work and Study in Canada, English study programs in the United States and Canada, among others.

OFIT is a member of the Dominican Association of Cultural Exchange Agencies and the Wise Travel Confederation, representing the main organizations in the United States that are integrated as “Sponsors” in the different cultural exchange programs, making it possible for young Dominican students to join these programs.


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