Puerto Plata Tourism Cluster encourages support for Maguá Ecological Foundation projects

The Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster (CTDPP) expressed its support and recognition of the work carried out by the Maguá Ecological Foundation, through its “Coral” project, which seeks to conserve and restore the underwater ecosystems of the Bay of Sosúa in a self-sustainable manner.

The institution managing the Puerto Plata destination, highlights and values the initiatives that the foundation has been implementing to promote best practices that contribute to achieve a more sustainable tourism in the northern region.
The Cluster recognized that, with its expansion and perseverance, “Coral” has established itself as an exemplary model for the protection and care of underwater ecosystems.

“This project not only represents a significant effort for the restoration and conservation of coral reefs and marine ecosystems, but also promotes environmental awareness among tourism stakeholders and the community at large,” said CTDPP President Birgitt Heinsen.

“The leadership, dedication and passion that has permeated the Maguá Ecological Foundation and its entire team, led by its founder Manuel Alejandro Rodríguez Redondo, has been a great stimulus for us to join the cause, and that as an institution we express our support for them,” she added.

The institution maintains that the interconnection between the health of marine ecosystems and the prosperity of sustainable tourism is an approach that they applaud and fully support, since these actions preserve the natural heritage and also contribute to strengthening the tourism industry in the Northern Zone, attracting visitors committed to environmental conservation.

At the same time, he urged tourism companies and the entire community to join in supporting this foundation and the environmental authorities so that they can faithfully comply with the provisions adopted.

Source: Arecoa

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