Tourism in the DR will continue to be a key part of the economy for the next decade

Solunion’s corporate risk director, Enrique Cuadra, made a macroeconomic analysis of the global situation, highlighting how, despite the general slowdown, the situation is beginning to normalize, registering some growth.

With respect to the Dominican economy, he mentioned how, in terms of country risk, its current situation is good, partly due to the work done to contain inflation after the confinement.

Furthermore, with respect to the sectors of activity, Cuadra indicated that “although tourism will continue to be a fundamental piece in the next decade, it is necessary to diversify”.

“Dominican companies are increasingly open to the world and the country is showing signs of industrialization, which in the future will continue to encourage exports and sustainable growth of the economy,” he added.

The executive of Sounion, experts in credit and surety insurance, recovery services, and others associated with commercial risk management, spoke in these terms during a meeting with mediators and businessmen associated with commercial risk management in the forum entitled “Macroeconomic Perspectives and Growth in the Dominican Republic. Business development in a context of change”, the first to be held in the country.

The event, organized by Solunion’s regional entity in Central America and the Caribbean, in collaboration with Mapfre BHD, was attended by representatives of both companies, as well as officials from Banco BHD, the Dominican Association of Insurance Brokers (Adocose) and the Chamber of Insurers and Reinsurers of the Dominican Republic (Cadoar).

Source: Arecoa

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