Baní Tourism Productive Cluster calls for completion of roads to promote development

Tourism in Peravia has started off well, as the first results, which exceed expectations, assure that it will become the main economic activity of the province, due to the fact that visitors are projected to exceed the number of residents in the different communities.

However, it is necessary to solve the problems of access roads to the province from the International Airport of the Americas (AILA) and the interconnection between the different communities and the tourist attractions.

The directors of the Clúster Turístico Productivo de Baní, Juan Tejada Santana, president and Simón Suárez, member, expressed that there is a lot of interest of foreign investors in the hotel area to invest in the province of Peravia, being one of the main conditions the construction of the necessary road infrastructures to speed up the traffic.

They said that it is urgent the completion of the construction of the Santo Domingo ring road to Andres Boca Chica. In addition, the Circunvalación de Baní or Boulaevar Turístico, which is part of the Circuito Vial Sur integrated by a set of highways.

Also an elevated road on Isabel Aguiar Avenue with 27 de Febrero, popularly called “Pintura”, the junction point with the 6 de Noviembre highway, the main entrance to the southern region, according to Hoy.

They added that these works are key to “internationalize” Peravia as a tourist destination, because it will bring the AILA closer to this province. Likewise, the directors of the Clúster Turístico Productivo de Baní asked for the asphalting of the streets, avenues and highways that give access to the coastal areas and the interconnection of the Máximo Gómez Highway with the Circunvalación de Baní.

They recalled that two important tourist real estate projects are already being developed in the province: Caney Beach Home and Puntarena.

In the case of Puntarena, they said that the project developed by the Puntacana Group for a period of 25 years, of which it already has seven years.

They indicated that it has already built 46 apartments and 11 villas, in addition to its beach club. For the first quarter of 2024, the construction of one hotel and four others, which could be through important international hotel chains in the next few years, is contemplated to begin. This complex also contemplates a marina for yachts.

Meanwhile, Caney Beach Home is an ecotourism project that will have 150 beach villas, as well as glampins for camping-type stays and a boutique hotel with an indigenous-style country design. Its beach club is already available. Sales are already over 95%.

They highlighted that both projects have been well valued and with a higher than expected acceptance in relation to time.

In highlighting the economic and social impact of tourism development in Peravia, they emphasized the importance of urban planning, road infrastructure and the training of human resources, which would complement the natural, cultural and gastronomic attractions of the province.

Source: Arecoa

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