Flights between DR and Venezuela soar

With more than 40 flights per week by six airlines, air traffic between the Dominican Republic and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has intensified in recent times, due to an emigration that uses the national territory as a transit option or final destination.

Statistical data provided by the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) indicate that 2,902 air operations were carried out between January and August of this year on the route between the two countries. The figure is equivalent to some 1,500 round flights in that period, or just under 200 per month on average, or close to six per day.

In August alone, the last month marked in the report, an approximate frequency of 43 flights per week was recorded. In the same month, a total of 374 operations were recorded, understood as arrivals and departures separately.

Six airlines dominate the air market between the two countries: Laser, which covers the routes Maiquetia-Las Americas and Maiquetia-La Romana; Sky High Aviation Services Dominicana, which serves Maiquetia-Las Americas, as well as Avior Airlines.

Also Rutaca Airlines, which connects Maracaibo with Las Américas, Maiquetía with Punta Cana, Barquisimeto -Las Américas and Maturín-Las Américas.

Other companies are Turpial Airlines, which flies from Valencia to Las Américas and Punta Cana, and Rutas Aéreas de Venezuela Rav, S.A./Ravsa, in charge of the routes Maiquetía-Las Américas and Barquisimeto-Las Américas.

Although not included in the official report, other airlines offer trips from Venezuela to the Dominican territory. One of them is Copa Airlines, which offers flights to Santo Domingo and Punta Cana airports from several Venezuelan cities, but with a stopover in Panama City.

The airline operates up to five daily flights and prices vary according to destination and availability. For example, a flight to Caracas, consulted for the end of this month, costs US$407 (about DR$23,000) from Santo Domingo, and US$689 (DR$39,000) from Punta Cana.

Also Wingo, of Colombian flag, has offers for flights involving stopovers, according to Diario Libre.

Source: Arecoa

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