Tourism reaches best month ever

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, revealed that the Dominican Republic continues to reach unprecedented numbers in the tourism sector, by registering the arrival of 792,981 non-residents in July of this year alone, making it the best month in the history of the country and surpassing July and December 2022, which until now had been the only months in which the country had managed to break the barrier of 700,000 tourists.

In his now traditional monthly presentation of the results of the tourism industry performance, Minister Collado reported that of those 792, 981 tourists, 652,506 were foreigners and 140,475 Dominicans, which represents a growth of 34% compared to 2019, 41% to 2021 and 8% compared to last year.

The official said that this sustained growth is also reflected in the cruise industry, after noting that in July alone the country received 148,560 cruise passengers by sea. He noted that in the January-July period, 1,416,011 cruise passengers arrived in the Dominican Republic, “something never seen before in the history of tourism,” he emphasized.

“If we add the 792,981 tourists who arrived last month by air and the 148,560 visitors who arrived by sea, we are talking about 941,541 visitors. Something historic in the month of July,” said Minister Collado.

The official highlighted that for the first time the country registered the arrival of 6,295,667 visitors in the first 7 months of the year. He detailed that in the January-July period the Dominican Republic received 4,879,656 tourists, plus 1,416,011 cruise passengers.

The main countries of origin of tourists in July were the United States with 54%, Canada with 8%, Puerto Rico with 5.1%, Colombia with 3.7%, as well as Spain.

The top cities were New York with 6.8%, followed by Miami, Bogota, Lima and Santiago.


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