Tourism school to be built in Miches

Businessman George Nader announced that he will donate the land necessary for the construction of a School of Tourism in Miches, in accordance with the statement made by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, that “if the private sector contributed the land for the school, the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) would carry out the construction of the educational institution”.

In that order, Nader indicated to the minister that “he can count on the donation of the land necessary for the construction of the school of tourism and professional technical training of future employees, for the development of Miches”.

The contribution of the land goes hand in hand with the vision of creating opportunities for the youth of Miches and the surrounding communities.

“For us it is very important that the communities benefit from all the economic activity that will come to the area along with the development of the projects that are being carried out in Miches. But in order for them to benefit from all this, it is important that they are prepared both academically and professionally. That is why we recently launched the initiative “En Miches hay Futuro” (In Miches there is a Future),” he said.

To date, more than 150 young people from the Miches community have already been sensitized through educational activities, about the tourism potential of the region and the employment and entrepreneurship opportunities it will generate as a viable development option for people of productive age in the area.

“We will continue with different programs during the year and soon we will be opening an office in the center of Miches to organize our operations in the community from there,” said Nader during his participation in the event “Miches: Towards a Reality” at Fitur 2024.


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