“We are reinforcing measures at all airports to provide travelers with first-class service”

The general director of Migration, Venancio Alcántara, assured that all the airports of the country have the necessary personnel so that travelers have a first class attention during the high season and Christmas celebrations.

“We are reinforcing the measures, because, in all the airports of the country Migration has the necessary personnel so that the travelers have a first class attention, to offer a more efficient, fast and safe service, so that those long and tedious lines are not formed, in this Christmas season”, he said.

He ordered the reinforcement of strategic measures to strengthen actions for the Christmas season and to avoid the movement of undocumented immigrants into and out of the national territory, according to a press release.

Alcántara urged all the personnel of the institution to carry out their work within the framework of respect for ethics and transparency, as a mandate of a management committed to institutionalism and anti-corruption.

He indicated that, in compliance with ethics and morality, all public employees have the duty to become overseers and supervisors of good institutional practices, which contributes to guaranteeing public resources and, therefore, to improving the quality of life of citizens.

“We must all remain vigilant of the actions of everyone in our institution, and the only rumor that points out that any employee, regardless of hierarchy or position, is doing improper things, we will disassociate him and submit him to justice no matter who it is,” warned the head of Immigration.

The executive made the statements during a meeting with management, command and control personnel at the Las Americas International Airport (AILA), which was also attended by Yudelka García, director of Immigration Control; Martín Suárez, director of Human Resources and Leandro Alcántara, coordinator of the AILA; as well as Julio Bobadilla, director of operations of Aerodom and Eugenio Pérez, director of Aeropuertos Cluster Sur, among other authorities.

Source: Arecoa.com

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