Aerodom says there is great expectation for the Lisbon, Samaná and Madrid, Samaná flights

Aerodom Aeropuertos Dominicanos XXI revealed that there is great expectation with respect to the new summer season flights of Soltour through the operator on the Madrid and Lisbon route to the Dominican Republic, through the International Airport, Professor Juan Bosch, Catey, Samaná.

Aerodom explained that the Lisbon-Samaná operations will begin on the 30th of this month, while the Madrid-Samaná route is scheduled for July 6.

The concessionaire of six of the main national airports, highlighted that tourists during their stay in Samaná will be able to stay in 4 and 5 star hotels, among which are two Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts and another of the Viva Hotels chain, all of them on an all inclusive basis.

He indicated that the flights of the Spanish company Soltour will be carried out weekly by the operatorWarld2Fly, on the routes Lisbon, Samaná, Madrid, Spain Samaná. He said that the operator sells the complete package which includes the ticket, hotel, stay and the supplementary package.

In this sense, the Aerodom company emphasized that the flow of European visitors who will travel to the country on these flights will boost the economy of the province of Samaná. It will also increase the number of tourists entering the country through this airport terminal.

“There is a great expectation in the community of Samaná, with respect to the arrival of these new flights of tourists who are expected to start arriving at the end of June and at the beginning of the next one through the airport Professor Juan Bosch, “El Catey de Samaná”, said Aerodom.

Aeropuertos Dominicanos XXI Aerodom, manages through a concession contract with the Dominican State the International airports of Las Americas, José Francisco Peña Gómez, Gregorio Luperon, of Puerto Plata, Maria Montez of Barahona, Professor Juan Bosch, Catey, of Semaná, Dr. Joaquin Balaguer, Higuero, of Santo Domingo and Arroyo Barril, of Samaná.


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