IATA launches contactless travel verification and documentation system

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched a next-generation travel documentation and verification system that supports contactless travel and enhances the passenger experience.

To achieve this, a complete redesign of Timatic was undertaken, setting a new benchmark in travel fulfillment solutions.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Timatic AutoCheck offers a streamlined, interactive experience that allows travelers, airlines and travel professionals to easily access accurate and clearly worded immigration information.

The entire document verification process has been automated with customized instructions for each passenger.

The international agency stated that as passenger traffic will double by 2040, it will be necessary to continue to optimize and improve airport processes. Checking passenger travel documentation is one of the most time-consuming tasks that will benefit from increased automation.

In addition, Timatic AutoCheck’s new features will also play a key role in supporting the industry in moving towards contactless travel.

IATA’s most recent Global Passenger Survey (GPS) revealed that complex visa requirements deter travelers who want a convenient, digital online visa process. In addition, many are willing to share information from their travel documents to expedite immigration procedures at the airport.

Thirty-six percent of travelers said they had been deterred from traveling to a particular destination because of immigration requirements. Forty-nine percent of travelers highlighted the complexity of the process as the main deterrent, 19% cited costs and 8% cited privacy concerns.

When visas are required, 66% of travelers want to obtain a visa online before traveling, 20% prefer to go to the consulate or embassy and 14% to the airport.

Eighty-seven percent of travelers indicated they would share their immigration information to speed up the airport arrival process, up from 83% reported in 2022.

“Leveraging travelers’ willingness to use online processes and share information in advance, Timatic AutoCheck offers airlines, ground handling services, departure control systems and travel agents a customer-friendly online solution through which travelers can verify that they meet all immigration requirements before transporting to the airport,” said Frederic Leger, senior vice president of commercial products and services at IATA.

“Timatic AutoCheck represents yet another milestone in the quest for efficiency and convenience within the travel industry. By navigating effortlessly, travelers can embark on their journeys with confidence and peace of mind. In addition, this innovation also enables airlines, ground handlers and travel agents to improve customer satisfaction, integrate travel document verification into the contactless travel experience and optimize their operations,” said Leger.

Leading DCS providers such as Amadeus, Hitit and Sabre, along with several airlines and Star Alliance, are already working with IATA to upgrade to the new Timatic AutoCheck, taking the next step towards a seamless, contactless travel experience.

Source: Arecoa.com


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