Tourism, economic pillar of the DR: generates 86% of new jobs

The arrival of visitors to the DR in 2022 directly influenced the creation of 620,844 jobs, 86% of the 721,912 jobs generated in that year in the country, revealed the National Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores).

The study “Impact of tourism in the DR”, carried out by Asonahores concluded that the flow of foreigners motivated the creation of 62.2% of the vacancies, while the presence in the territory of non-resident Dominicans influenced 25.4% of the new vacancies.

Meanwhile, domestic travel by Dominicans was related to the creation of 9.4% of the jobs.

The research also concluded that 59% of the jobs were generated by hotels.
Punta Cana and Santo Domingo are the two provinces that demand more workers for the tourism sector, according to the study.

It pointed out that in the case of the first city, it concentrates 53.2% of direct employment in the industry, followed by the capital, with 12%, according to Al Momento.



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