Reef Jet to fly from Punta Cana to Santiago, Pedernales and other tourist resorts

Reef Jet airline seeks to contribute to the multi-destination offer as part of the State’s policy of promoting a country with a wide offer.
Connecting Punta Cana with Santiago, Pedernales and Samaná is the business bet developed by the airline Reef Jet, in order to contribute to the multi-destination offer in the country, through domestic flights.

Geraint María Barrot, Director of Operations of Reef Jet, explained that after a market survey, they saw the need to create a route that connects Punta Cana with Santiago, since in this northern city there is a class that represents the second largest issuer of local tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Next Friday, September 29, Reef Jet will inaugurate the first flight from the Punta Cana International Airport to the Cibao International Airport.
He added that in only 50 minutes both destinations will be linked by air on commercial flights.

He emphasized that more than a flight, Reef Jet seeks to provide an experience, since its services are offered through tour operator agencies, which offer passengers the options of excursions ranging from visits to thermal spas, cultural routes, gastronomic experiences, among others.

He highlighted the airline’s interest in contributing to the multi-destination offer that is part of the State’s policy of promoting a country with a wide cultural, gastronomic, religious and adventure tourism offer, among other modalities.

He indicated that Reef Jet has excursion flights to Pedernales and Samaná, where it transports an important number of foreign tourists.

He explained that the aircraft that will perform the service are two CESSNA with a capacity of nine passengers. The company is certified by the IDAC and has trained personnel.


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