Wholesale TTOO Anex Tour launches Antalya La Romana operations

Turkey to La Romana, Dominican Republic.

Antalya, Turkey. -The wholesale tour operator Anex Tour confirms the start of operations on the route Antalya, Turkey to La Romana, Dominican Republic, on December 29, 2022, with the first flight.

With this air connection, the preference of Eurasians for Quisqueya for their long-haul vacations is reaffirmed, strengthening the leadership and tourism growth that the Caribbean country has been showing.

The operation will be carried out in Boeing 777-300ER aircraft of the Turkish airline Mavi Gok Aviation with a capacity of 520 passengers in two cabins, economy and business.

The tour operator will offer comfortable connections for tourists from the Russian cities of Moscow and Yekaterinburg with 3-hour stopovers in Antalya on both round-trip legs.

Similarly, connecting packages are being formed from the markets where the tour operator operates, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan seeking to offer this product in all major markets of the region of the Union of Independent States (post-Soviet area).

The start of operations initially announced for October was postponed due to technical problems.


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