Coming soon! Christmas decorations arrive in the DR

With a little less than three months to go before Christmas celebrations begin, vendors of Christmas crafts and decorations began to remove these items due to the proximity of the season.

As a way of reminding the citizens of the approaching date of harmony and festivity, several artisans of the famous charamicos, have taken out of the workshops some of their pieces, which have not even finished in their entirety.

Reinaldo de Jesús, who has been making a wide range of charamico designs on Winston Churchill Avenue for 40 years, told elCaribe that the charamicos will be officially removed on October 15.

De Jesús said that this is the date set by the Mayor’s Office of the National District so that they can place all these articles, part of the Dominican tradition.

He informed that he learned the elaboration of this art with his father after leaving his native Villa Altagracia, in the province of San Cristobal when he was just a child.

The gentleman commented that in his case, it is a family business, since he does it with his wife, children and nephews, in a way in which everyone is part of the process.

In addition to the production and sale of these works of different colors and designs, they are dedicated to the craftsmanship of wood sheets to make letters, tables, cake bases, among others.

“If you don’t go out, you don’t feel Christmas. These decorations are what make the whole Christmas season exciting,” De Jesús emphasized.

What are they made of?

Reinaldo de Jesús explained that the charamicos they make are made of branches of the arraiján bush, olive tree branches, as well as the climbing plants of jaquimey and alambrillo.

These articles range from lamps, angels, Christmas trees, deer, donkeys, angels, Santa Claus, stars, moons, baskets to the birth of Jesus with all its members and houses, with different colors and brightness.

The cost can vary depending on the object to elaborate from 650 pesos and up.

“In our case we really work on it. It is an art that is worth having and that can last for years,” he said.

Stores activate the sale of decorations

Several commercial establishments such as supermarkets and hardware stores, activated the sales of decorations allusive to Easter.

Christmas trees and their accessories, cushions, glassware and cutlery with Christmas designs could be seen in their aisles and even at the entrance.

This scenario was seen in the Plaza Lama store and in the hardware store Innovación, where its employees placed the ornaments in the gondolas and aisles.

According to information, since last week these establishments have placed the decorations.

“It really feels like we are entering the Christmas season. I came to buy food as usual and I see that even the trees are on sale again”, said Anny Castillo, a citizen.

Some shoppers approached the items with the intention of acquiring this type of merchandise.

Such was the case of Miosotis Durán, who indicated that a daughter informed her that the stores were already installing these items and that she should take advantage of them.

Durán said that last year she could not decorate her house, because her daughter was infected with covid-19 and was in a delicate condition, so they decided not to celebrate as usual.
“This year we can put the house according to December. There is health, thanks to God, and I thank him for that,” said Durán.

The artisans dedicated to the elaboration of charamicos, expressed that they hope to be able to make higher sales for Christmas than those made in 2020. They indicated that with the issue of the coronavirus pandemic, their sales were reduced, explaining that many people lost their jobs or their income was reduced due to the same virus. “One recognizes that many people had a bad time last year and are still having a bad time this year, but I hope to God that this will improve and that we will all enjoy and benefit from these dates that are coming. I have faith that it will,” argued one artisan.


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