Congressman Julito Fulcar expects Leonel Fernandez to refer positively to Abinader’s first year

Deputy Julito Fulcar expects Leonel Fernández to refer positively to Abinader’s first year in office

The spokesman for the block of deputies of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Julio -Julito- Fulcar, said that he expects that former President Leonel Fernández will refer positively to President Luis Abinader’s accountability speech when he addresses the nation tonight.

In this regard, Fulcar expressed that he expects Fernandez to accept the consensus proposed by Abinader to discuss the reforms that were put forward last August 18.

“I hope that he accepts the proposals that President Luis Abinader is making to make a consensus table to discuss a broad agenda of reforms to the institutions and the fundamental laws of the country,” expressed the congressman.

Fulcar expressed that Fernandez must recognize that Abinader is one of the presidents who has better managed the pandemic worldwide and who has high international recognition for his attachment to transparency and the confrontation of corruption.

“An opponent also has to be sensible and what it is about is that now that the Dominican Republic as part of the world is living a difficult situation that we all join efforts to get the country out of the situation it is in,” he said.

The congressman predicted that President Abinader “will go down in history as the great reformer and modernizer of the Dominican State” and said that the National Congress must contribute everything possible to carry out these reform processes.

These statements come after former President Fernandez informed that he will address the country this Monday, August 23 at 8:00 pm, in an address that will be transmitted through a radio, television and digital media chain to set his position on the first year of Abinader’s administration.

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