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International Caribbean Triennial, Santo Domingo 2010, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo.michel bizet

The First International Triennial of the Caribbean, Santo Domingo 2010 is a cultural event being held at the Museum of Modern Art from September 1st through October 24th in the city of Santo Domingo. The event is scheduled to be held every three years.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic and the Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, it is part of the celebration of Santo Domingo the American Capital of Culture 2010.

Invited artists are: Tony Capellán, from Dominican Republic; María Fernanda Cardoso, from Colombia, Luis Cruz Azaceta, from Cuba, Philippe Dodard, from Haiti; Tirzo Martha, from Curacao and Pepón Osorio, from Puerto Rico.

Curator of the Museum of Modern Art, Amable Lopez Melendez, explained that the event is dedicated to the relationship between art and the environment and aims to be a multicultural, open, and reflective dialogue for Caribbean artists and their art.

The event will have its focus on new horizons and showing content with a single central theme: the relationship between art and the environment, and more specifically the appropriation of art towards the environment.


I International Triennial of the Caribbean Santo Domingo 2010, Museum of Modern Arts, Santo Domingo.triennal

In the context of the Declaration of the city of Santo Domingo  as American Capital of Culture 2010 , the Ministry of Culture, through the Modern Art Museum, are committed to the task of radically redefining the bases of the original organization, objectives and name of the Biennial which, as from this invitation, will move towards new concrete horizons such as the International Triennial of the Caribbean (TRIC 2010) as well as other open and alternative spaces of the Dominican capital from the 1st September to the 24th October 2010.


Photoimage 2010 festival, Santo

The fourth edition of the Photoimage festival 2010 will take place in Santo Domingo between September 1st and 30th, and Spain will be the host country.

The central exposition is called Diversity: the difference as a definition, organized by the cultural center of Spain and AECID, with the works of Germán GómezRosa OlivaresAlí Hanoon or Miguel Trillo, between others.


Uniting Borders, Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto, Santo Domingo.deporte palac

This event where they will bring together four of the most popular artists in Christian musicRicardo Rodriguez (FL), Ingrid Rosario (FL), Egleyda Belliard (PR), Isabelle Valdez (DR) all in one night, Saturday September 4 at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto, at 7:00 pm.

The show is being produced by Radio Vision Cristiana International and will feature a live band.

Price: RD $ 200.00 – $ 700.00 RD


Tour El Sur También Existe, in south-west of Dominican Republic.el sur tambien existe

A tour in south-west region of the country, a splendid coast, beautiful beaches, rivers and mountains… Two nights and three days during the long week-end of September 24th, 25 th, 26th, 2010.

Concert are scheduled with Sergio VargasFernando Villalona, Juliana, El JefreyCheritoVakeroJulian Oro Duro, between others.

An unforgettable and spectacular tour to discover this part of the country, specially organized for adventures.

The tour will pass by Baní, EL Cruce de Ocoa y Azua, para entrar a al mundo fascinante de BarahonaPedernales, Oviedo, Duverge, Paraíso, Jimaní, La Descubierta, Lago Enriquillo, Cabo Rojo, Bahía de las águilas, San Rafael, Los Patos…


  • RD $ 5,600 Bedroom for 4
  • RD $ 6,000 Triple Bedroom
  • RD $ 6,400 Double Bedroom
  • RD $ 3,900 Kids

Jazz en Dominicana at Casa de Teatro, Santo Domingo.saxofón

Jazz en Dominicana at Casa de Teatro will repeat some of the best programs and concerts through the month of September 2010.

The audience will be able to see again the groups OM Trío and Aloe Jazz and the events Encuentro de Bajistas 2010 as well as the return from New York of Alex Díaz.

Every Wednesday at 9 p.m., live concerts with Dominican bands.



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