Madrid: “Ritmo de nuestro Caribe” (Rhythm of our Caribbean) celebrated at the Dominican Embassy

MADRID – Full of joy and enthusiasm the Madrid public received the first edition of “Ritmo de nuestro Caribe”, a successful concert offered by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain to the entire Madrid public.

Hundreds of people gathered on July 8 from 18:30 hrs. in the Music Pavilion of El Retiro Park, to welcome the summer in a cool and sunny afternoon adorned by rhythms and lyrics from the Greater Antilles.

The activity began to the rhythm of music by DJ Dan Cambiaso, followed by opening remarks by Mrs. Gleirys Cruz and Mrs. Patricia Faxas, counselors of the Dominican diplomatic mission in Spain. The formal welcome was given by Ambassador Juan Bolivar Diaz, who reaffirmed his commitment to continue strengthening ties between the Dominican Republic and Spain through art and culture.

Following the words of the ambassador, the artist Jay Rivera and his musical project “RASTAÍNO” sweetened the evening with a proposal influenced and inspired by the magical-religious imaginary and the musical richness existing in the Dominican Republic, heritage of the Taino Indians and Africans who inhabited the island.

Then it was the turn of “Los Panas del Sur”, a musical group from Seville, whose vocalist is the Dominican singer Luis Felipe. With their refreshing Caribbean musical style, they got the whole audience dancing and enjoying themselves.

“Ritmo de nuestro Caribe” is part of the cultural activities planned by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, for the promotion and dissemination of the work of young Dominican artists living in Spain.

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