Women Economic Forum

Women Economic Forum: A space to boost female talent in the Dominican Republic

The event will be held in Santo Domingo from September 2 to 4, 2022.

With the aim of providing spaces for discussion and promoting female talent, the Women Economic Forum will be held in September in the Dominican Republic, an event focused on highlighting the economic impact of women.

According to the director of the Women Economic Forum Dominican Republic 2022, Carbery Mitchell, the event seeks to be “a showcase for the leadership and empowerment of Dominican women, highlighting their roots and the power of resilience they possess”.

The theme of the forum in the Dominican Republic will be “Empowered and Resilient Women”, where the main focus will be on highlighting the potential of empowered Dominican women, who are always ready to take on challenges and achieve them successfully.

The structure of our event will be divided into sections, inspired by the most beautiful gems and beaches of this potential Caribbean island, highlighted for being awarded as the first in the world in tourism recovery by the World Tourism Organization (WTO).

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The meeting will be attended by important national and international speakers. In addition, some 10 international delegations will be present.

Mitchell, who is Venezuelan and has been living in the country for six years, points out that the impact they wish to have with the WEF is to promote gender equality at a business level and to motivate the attendees to constant training so that they can achieve their economic independence.

Women Economic Forum was born and is held annually in New Delhi, India, and in more than 500 regional chapters, with the participation of 150 allied countries and a global chamber (All Ladies League), which has 50,000 members, with the objective of pursuing initiatives for the economic progress of women.

This space has been key to generating connections with 250,000 women and supporters around the world. ALL & WEF offers the largest and broadest reach, enabling women’s networking and connections and empowering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership in all walks of life.

This edition of the forum in the Dominican Republic is led by the Met2Het2 International Organization, which Mitchell heads in alliance with the president of the Global All Ladies League (ALL) and the Women Economic Forum (WEF), Harbeen Arora.

“This prestigious event will integrate a scenario of respect for our roots, from the sorority, resilience and women’s empowerment as a flag, we hope it will be a total success in the country, as it will bring together women and men from all over Latin America and the rest of the world,” said Mitchell.

The WEF director specifies that the meeting will recognize the impact of Dominican women in the region, who have demonstrated the role they have in society that has made them innate leaders and role models for younger people.
As part of the program, they are carrying out virtual and face-to-face activities, which they have called “The Road to the WEFRD 2022”, where they highlight online forums and discussions on various topics focused on women’s empowerment.

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