“More than water” a universal social portrait brought to the cinema.

The film directed by Amauris Perez and starring Frank Perozo, Hony Estrella, Laura Diaz, Micky Montilla and Axel Mansilla, uncovers a truth that can occur in any social circumstance, because in the end “Blood weighs more than water”.

The Dominican film “Más que el agua” premieres this September 16 in all theaters under the distribution of Caribbean Films Distribution, it will also be the opening film of the Fine Arts Film Festival.

Under the direction of Amauris Pérez, this 1:25:00 urban drama tells the story of a family subjected to a social reality that stems from a universal feeling, the love and attachment to our family; a feeling that under some circumstances can lead us to do unimaginable things, either for better or for worse.

Laura Diaz
The cast is made up of proven actors from the Dominican Republic, among which stand out: Frank Perozo, Hony Estrella, Laura Díaz, Axel Mansilla, Manuel Raposo, Micky Montilla, Josué Guerrero and Dalisa Alegría, betting on Creole talent, a vision that Amauris has always defended when it comes to Dominican cinema.

The film tells the story of Nicolas, who has been involved in illicit business since he was a teenager, creating an underworld around him in which he seems to have control of everything, but at the same time insists on keeping his brother out of the business so that he can progress in a society that is increasingly hostile to people like them. But his brother’s rebelliousness to follow the path he wants to trace for him and a small mistake from his close past, will put him in a situation he never imagined. Without knowing it, he will gradually collapse everything he has built, taking the family with him.

For Frank Perozo, playing Nicolás returns him to drama in film, giving him great comfort to return to explore those social situations of impact that, in “Más que el agua”, emerge from what makes us human, being this an immense opportunity for an actor.

“It is to find again different emotions than the ones I live every day, through this character I had that opportunity, and through this story I could experience that universe,” said Frank.

Hony Estrella, who is also living an incredible moment on the big screen and in her career, plays “Elena” in a very vivid way, because of the fact that she plays a mother who would do anything to protect her daughter.

The feature film is produced by Amauris Pérez (Macarito Films) and Frank Perozo, line production by Carlos Germán, cinematography by Peyi Guzmán, editing by Gina Guidicelli, art direction by Máximo Martínez and music by Freddy A. Ginebra, a first class team for this cinematographic piece that took more than 10 years of effort and planning.

“Más que el agua” opens this September 16 in all theaters with a proposal full of quality, good acting and a story that you can’t miss.

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