Señales TV announces documentary “Dominican Presidents in History” to be shown in theaters

The documentary “Dominican Presidents in History (1844-1966): Challenges and Ironies of Power”, sponsored by the channel Señales TV and the company Zinemapar Productions, will be presented in movie theaters starting Thursday, December 2.

Euri Cabral and Zinayda Rodríguez, producers of the documentary, expressed that the purpose of this film production is to present to the Dominican society special moments and situations that have been lived with the 47 presidents that the Dominican Republic has had in the period 1844-1966, from Pedro Santana to Héctor García Godoy.

“In order to support the documentary, a research process of more than a decade was developed with the assistance of historian Juan Daniel Balcácer”, said the communicators Cabral and Rodríguez.

They also indicated that it was made in the form of a docudrama with the participation of actors Teo Terrero, Ramón Emilio Concepción, Laila Taveras, Fernando Guzmán and Yuri Enrique, among others.

The plot develops through a conversation between Henry, a young student who has political aspirations and Ramón, his godfather, who is a political analyst and a student of Dominican history and the intricacies of power.

The documentary “Dominican Presidents in History (1844-1966)” was made under the auspices of the Film Law and was filmed in late 2020, in the midst of difficult moments of the pandemic. Locations were used in the cities of Jarabacoa and Moca and the direction was under the responsibility of Elvira Almonte and Euri Cabral, technical direction was the responsibility of Saulo Constanzo, camera direction was in charge of Gerald Cruz and the entire research process was directed by Margarita Jimenez.

“We call on all Dominican families to go to the movie theaters on Thursday, December 2 to enjoy “Dominican Presidents in History”, an entertaining history lesson that they will never forget”, said Euri and Zinayda.

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