The eleventh edition of the Fine Arts International Film Festival is opened

The Fine Arts International Film Festival (FICFA) reaches its 11th anniversary and will be celebrated with the best stories of local Dominican cinema, during seven days 11 of the films that have been developed on this island will be screened.

From Thursday, September 16 to 22, the public will be able to appreciate the films at the Fine Arts Cinema Café at Novo-Centro, with the support of Altice, official sponsor of the event in a clear commitment to the promotion and dissemination of the seventh art and the great development of local cinema.

The eleventh edition of the Fine Arts International Film Festival will highlight the great talent of the best exponents of national cinema, showing and awarding an exquisite selection of locally made films that showcase the maturity and evolution of the country’s cinema.

Gregory Quinn, managing partner, thanked the constant support of its sponsors and collaborators, as well as emphasized the commitment of Caribbean Cinemas to put on screen the great local stories regardless of genre, after more than a year of closure we firmly believe that it was necessary to highlight once again the development of the local industry. With this totally national festival and showcasing the best of the cinema that will see the light within this year’s event, with films that have not yet been shown in theaters and that the Dominican public will be able to appreciate in premieres.

The opening of the festival was in charge of the story, “Más que el agua”, produced and starring Frank Perozo and Hony Estrella, directed by Amauris Perez, will be the story that kicks off this local film festival.

Under the direction of Amauris Pérez, this 1:25:00 urban drama tells the story of a family subjected to a social reality that stems from a universal feeling, the love and attachment to our family; a feeling that under some circumstances can lead us to do unimaginable things, either for better or for worse.

The cast is made up of proven actors from the Dominican Republic, among which stand out: Frank Perozo, Hony Estrella, Laura Díaz, Axel Mansilla, Manuel Raposo, Micky Montilla, Josué Guerrero and Dalisa Alegría, betting on Creole talent, a vision that Amauris has always defended when it comes to Dominican cinema.

Lovers of the seventh art will be able to enjoy in our Fine Arts theaters great stories such as “Mosh”, “La rasante”, “Motel”, “Sin aliento”, “El blanco”, “Liborio”, “Candela”, “Santo Domingo” and “Malpaso”, as well as Dominican short films.

The ribbon cutting ceremony that inaugurated the 11th edition of the festival was in charge of the main executives of the Caribbean Cinemas Group, Gregory Quinn Carrady, managing partner, and Zumaya Cordero, director of the festival, Ana López commercial director, the executives of Altice Dominicana, its Director of Communication and Brand Maite Hernández.

For Altice, being part of this festival represents a new opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to Dominican Cinema, a bond that we have maintained since its first edition, exactly 11 years ago,” said Maite Hernández, Altice’s Director of Communications and Branding.

This version is particularly special because not only does it return in its normal format, but it has a very special flavor and today we celebrate that the festival presents a lineup that puts independent Dominican cinema at its center.

In the last 5 years at Altice we have supported the film industry with direct investment in excess of $200 million pesos poorly counted and today we confirm that we will dedicate another $200 million more – for the next 4 years to come, maintaining with this our commitment to local talent and allowing people to connect with great stories, some fiction and others based on reality.

“I also want to take advantage and highlight that as it is already a tradition, all Altice customers have access to exclusive benefits throughout the festival, through our Altice Cinema platform,” said Maite Hernandez.

Where every day they have a 15% discount and of course our famous 2 for 1 on Thursdays on tickets through the app My Altice. And I don’t know if you know that in addition you can also apply online at the Caribbean Pay page. And as part of the exclusive benefits to further enrich the experience, our customers will also be able to participate in a private screening during the festival.

This is how we reiterate our commitment, which goes beyond guaranteeing high quality telecommunications services to individuals and businesses.

At Altice we have the shared purpose of achieving a better country and that includes, of course, the development of our cinema, which is made with the Fiber that all Dominicans have.

During the festival, awards will be given for best film, best director, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best screenplay and best short film, endorsed by a specialized jury, chaired by film critic Felix Manuel Lora, along with Jimmy Hungria, Joan Prats, Pachico Tejada and Ariel Feliciano.

The Fine Arts International Film Festival is made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the allied brands that for years in a row have supported this cultural initiative and are part of the great celebration of cinema and lovers of this great industry, the loyalty and trust of Altice Dominicana is made possible thanks to Banco Popular, Mazola, Brugal, Café Santo Domingo, Listín Diario and Frank’s. Tickets and passes for the festival are already on sale at .

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