Flights to Sur del Lago and Dominican Republic to be activated

Flights will be activated from La Chinita International Airport to the South of the Lake, with the routes: Maracaibo-Colón and Maracaibo-Dominican Republic, informed the governor of Zulia state, Omar Prieto Fernández, in his program “Omar a la 7”.

He said that they will be a sign of the economic reactivation in the region and that in the next few days they will turn on and put into service another equipment in Termozulia to continue advancing and stabilizing the electric generation in the state.
Prieto Fernandez indicated in his program that they are reviewing in the fuel table the distribution schemes, for the tranquility of the people.

For his part, G/D Manuel Castillo Rengifo, commander of the zone of integral defense Zodi-Zulia, emphasized that they are active in the prevention of criminal incidences in the peace quadrants and the special Plan is being maintained in La Cañada de Urdaneta, Santa Rita, Miranda, Baralt and Jesús Enrique Lossada.

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