Dominican artist creates encapsulation for artwork “Bencrúnico”

Renowned artist Benjamín Cruz, presents the new Bencrúnico encapsulation, which is a specialized framing that ensures an optimal conservation of the work of art in case of any eventuality.

The framing consists of an aluminum frame whose thickness will depend on the size of the piece and is framed by a thick acrylic glass that covers the front and back of the work, this is sealed at the edges preventing the passage of air into the interior.

Cruz said, knowing that the work of art has its material integrity, and observing how the Monna Lisa and Vincent van Gogh’s paintings are protected by glass, he was given to understand that his creation should also have the same quality of protection, and that is how the idea and design of the encapsulation was born.

The name Bencrúnico is due to its creator Benjamin Cruz, a Dominican national, who, with almost two decades of career, was inspired by the variant climate of the Dominican Republic, as well as environments with very cold air conditioners that produce humidity, or places where the sun or artificial lights invade the surface of these, all these considerations analyzed from his perspective, as a scholar of the creation and restoration of works of art.

In addition, encapsulation is very feasible for those collectors who acquire the work as part of their investment, pretending that it will be under the best care for a long period without the need for restoration.

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