Fundación Frank and Haydée Rainieri sponsor the launch of the story “¿Dónde está Eleonora?

The Frank and Haydée Rainieri Foundation, with the collaboration of the Puntacana Group Foundation, sponsored the launching of the story ¿Dónde está Eleonora? by Saymi Lahoz, which seeks to teach about the lives of prominent Dominican composers, specifically Salvador Sturla, Luis Felipe Alberti, José de Jesús Ravelo and Julio Alberto Hernández, also highlighting some of their musical pieces.

Designed for children and young people in the country, the main objective of this project is to promote the inclusion of the visually impaired, low vision and deaf-blind community, so the story is presented in several versions: audible, printed and in Braille, and eventually a video will be produced with a sign language interpreter. The project also seeks to educate, create awareness and sensitivity among children who have the privilege of seeing.

The feeling that drives the creation of the story is the opportunity to sell the copies and raise funds for the purchase of literacy materials in Braille, with the objective of donating them to visually impaired children and young people who currently attend public schools in the country and lack the necessary resources to obtain these materials.

“I am convinced that, in addition to the love and empathy that we need so much today, education is fundamental to build a better world. Therefore, visual impairment should not be an obstacle for children and young people in this situation to have the tools that allow them to receive a quality education and guarantee them opportunities for a better future,” said Lahoz.

During the official launching of the story, the author shared with the guests the exciting adventures and discoveries of Eleonora, accompanied by the musical interpretation on the piano of the talented Dominican artist Emilio Pineda and by the Imperial Band of Santo Domingo with their splendid instruments, captivating both children and adults who attended the event. To close the event, the author made a personalized book signing.

Source: Arecoa

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