Carl F Bucherer Watches

Alacria collection

The manufacturer of Swiss watches Carl F Bucherer proposes a splendid collection of watches for woman named Alacria. The square and slender shape of the watches outlines the unique elegance of those, while the fineness of diamonds’ sides’ decorations is the reflection of an asserted femininity.

The Alacria Diva line presents a superb model in white gold, set with diamonds and black sapphires, also declined in yellow gold or totally in diamond. More extravagant and shining, the Alacria Royale with white gold and diamonds, available in red, with sapphires, in blue, with blue sapphires and in orange with orange sapphires.

Alcaria Diva Gothic 01

Lastly, the very new creation of the name, the Alacria Gothic Diva, a superb marriage of 221 rubies and 169 brilliants on a black basis. An unique jewel and in limited edition with 25 specimens.

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