Two Puerto Rican women at Nuestra Belleza Latina 2021

Two Puerto Ricans made it to the 2021 edition of “Nuestra Belleza Latina” (TeleOnce). Raishmar Carrillo and Melissa Aleman managed to convince the judges and be part of the 10 semifinalists of the program.

Carrillo, who was a finalist in Miss World Puerto Rico 2021, was the first Puerto Rican to be selected to compete for the crown held by Venezuelan Migbelis Castellanos.

She made a video challenge for the social networks. In it, Raishmar talked about skin care.

Melissa Aleman also got her key to the mansion after a challenge, where she shared a radio segment with the announcer Silvia del Valle, better known as “La Bronca”.

Meanwhile, her compatriots Tanya Romero and Ivana Carolina Irizarry, who competed in Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 and 2019, lackluster in their respective events and were eliminated.

The finalists also include Dominicans Genesis Suero and Clauvid Daly, who were Miss New York USA 2018 and Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2019, respectively. Also Sirey Morán, Miss Honduras Universe 2016, reached Thursday’s approval to go to the mansion.

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