The menstrual cup

If there is something we could go without but that is present in the life of women, it’s the menstruation.Mooncup

No sorry, I did not come to deliver a magic potion that makes it disappear, but I’ve come to talk to you about an alternative menstruation “handling” that is very disputed: The Mooncup.

It consists in a menstrual cup manufactured out of flexible silicone and that has a 5 cm length and a bell shapes.

Replacing the tampons and the sanitary napkins, it must be folded then inserted in the vagina, collecting the menstrual fluid.
According to fluid abundance it is necessary to empty it every 4 or 8 hours, to rinse it and re-use it.

A woman uses through her life 10,000 sanitary napkins and tampons, so this product’s greater arguments are ecology and economy, since the Mooncup is reusable during years.

But another advantage is the absence of dryness and deterioration of the vaginal flora as well as the Syndrome of Toxic Shock caused by tampons.
But having a blood cup in the vagina, empty it and rinse it (especially when the toilets do not have a wash-hand basin near, as in the public toilets), it’s seems disgusting for some women.

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